highway to the dangerzone

we're not watching top gun right now because we're hanging out!!

I mean it.

I swear to God I'll never ask for anything else in life if I can just have these.

Toot it and Boot it...

If there's one thing that we love over at the Ville, it's boots.  They're tough, reliable, totally fashionable street machines that can quickly become you and your outfit's best fashion friend; all the while getting you through just about anything that this wonderful urban sprawl we call L.A. can throw at you(or leave underneath you, if you know what I mean).  Well, guess what?  It's boot season again! And we're ready to get dirty.  Here are some things that we like.  Some of which we just found browsing around on the interweb, and some of which you can find at??? You guessed it!  Squaresville!  Enjoy!

Well, we are a vintage store...

This is a series of pics in an ad from Ebony magazine circa the 70's.  This is so dope!  Especially since all of the hairstyles include names.. my personal fav....yes, The Jet Setter.. Ahhh ,the seventies. Where a brotha could look....well, just look HARD!!


For all of you mysterious men...

This the Spring 2011 collection By The NON, it's called Alchemia Mysteria and it is basically everything that I, DoLo wants to be.  If you've got it, bring it and I will buy it!! Thanks..

Something to look forward to..

Some things that I love...Bring it!

Alexander McQueen fall 2010
Alexander McQueen Spring 2011


Alexander McQueen